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Set of 6 Omstak chairs by Rodney Kinsman for Bieffeplast

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The Omstak Chair, designed by Rodney Kinsman for Bieffeplast in the 1970s, is a notable piece of furniture known for its unique design and materials. This chair features a tubular steel frame with a seat and back made of dried metal, showcasing a blend of modern aesthetics and functionality. The Omstak Chair has gained popularity for its sleek and minimalist design, reflecting the innovative approach of Rodney Kinsman in furniture design. This iconic chair has stood the test of time and continues to be appreciated for its timeless appeal and distinctive style. The chairs are stackable. 

Rodney Kinsman is a renowned designer known for his innovative and iconic furniture designs. Kinsman's designs often feature a blend of modern aesthetics, functionality, and unique materials, showcasing his distinctive style and creativity. His work reflects a balance between form and function, with an emphasis on sleek lines and minimalist design elements.

Bieffeplast is an Italian firm known for producing high-quality furniture pieces. 


Depth: 49 cm

Width: 53 cm

Height: 76 cm

Seating height: 44 cm


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