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What payment options are available?

Payment is made at checkout in the webshop and can be Shopify Payments. If you visit by appointment, you can also pay for vintage furniture and decoration with digital eco-vouchers from Sodexo, Monizze and Edenred, bancontact or cash.

What if I have bought an item but want to return it?

We do our best to describe and photograph all items as accurately as possible, but of course we can always overlook something. Make an appointment via hey@hoarderlife.be to come and see an item in advance. Still not convinced when you collect your item? You can return your item within 14 days.

What shipping methods are there? And how much do they cost?

Small items are sent via Bpost. We always do this with extra insurance. We make every effort to get your item to you as safely and quickly as possible. A postal order costs 15 euros to 30 euros, depending on the weight and size.

Larger items are delivered to your door in (the outskirts of) Ghent for 50 euros. Orders over 800 euros can also be delivered further and come to 150 euros. Would you like a customised quote? Then contact us.
Would you like the item installed and brought to a floor? Then you can always request a quote.
For a delivery, we look for a suitable time together.

Each order can also be picked up free of charge within 14 days at our workplace in Ghent. Plan a pick-up time via the link in the e-mail you receive after placing your order.

How long will it take to receive my parcel via shipping?

Depending on the period, this can take between 2-9 working days. Sometimes we spend several days abroad looking for items. Do you want your parcel to be sure to arrive on time? Then contact us in advance.

What do I do if my order is incomplete or damaged?

Damaged? That is of course very unfortunate, but fortunately we always take additional insurance for this! Mail some photos (Multiple photos that clearly show the damage: photos of both the inner and outer packaging, one of the contents and one of the barcode on the shipment.) to hey@hoarderlife.be and we will give you a refund as soon as possible. Not complete? Then a mistake must have happened. In any case, contact us at hey@hoarderlife.be within 14 days and we'll make sure everything is sorted out! Be sure to include the number of your order.

Can I return my order? And within what time frame do I have to return it? Are there any costs involved? And how and when do I get my money back?

Je bestelling terugzenden kan zeker! Dat doe je jammer genoeg wel op eigen kosten. En let wel; retourneren kan enkel binnen een termijn van 14 kalenderdagen na aankoop. Stuur ons zeker ook een mailtje op hey@hoarderlife.be waarbij je het nummer van je bestelling vermeld en de reden. De terugbetaling gebeurt vanaf het moment dat het pakketje terug door Hoarderlife is ontvangen en op dezelfde bankrekening als waarlangs de betaling gebeurde. Wil je graag zeker zijn van je aankoop? Je kan op voorhand altijd eerst eens komen kijken. Maak hier een afspraak.

Where and when can I collect my order?

Collections can be made at our Workspace at 81 Gasmeterlaan by appointment. (Gasmeterlaan is just outside the LEZ zone, there is plenty of parking).

Plan a pick-up time at least 24 hours in advance so we can prepare it. Pick-up is usually possible from one working day (24h) after your order. The collection period is two weeks. After that we are not responsible for damage or loss of the order.

What if I don't collect my order on time?

The collection period is 2 weeks. After that we are not responsible for damage or loss of the order. Still can't pick up your order on time? Be sure to let us know in advance at hey@hoarderlife.be that the agreed deadline is not feasible for you, and we will look for a solution together.

What if I can't do any of the suggested pick-up times?

Contact us at hey@hoarderlife.be and together we will find a solution!